Induction Day, the joy of year 6

Today I had the pleasure of 26 bright and enthusiastic year 6 students for a taster of MFL. Most of them have not been taught a language at all, one school had been taught German by my department (one way to keep German alive, Dom!) and the rest had answered the register in a different language per week. So I decided to do an introduction to Japanese. I love the sound of the language and I enjoy doing an introduction to a subject I rarely get to teach. I went to Tesco at 6.30am and bought fresh prawns, squid, smoked salmon and tuna for my sushi making session. Wish I had taken photos now. We did an earthquake drill, one suggested hiding in the top drawer of my filing cabinet as protection! I taught them how to make californian rolls, we tasted them and some wasabi. I taught them greetings, played a few games with those, taught them how to bow, taught numbers 1-10 (so much fun with the itchy knee story), we did the actions to the numbers, did a roleplay and then sang Mary has a little lamb in Japanese. is a fantastic website and I used their resources. All of the students said it was their favourite lesson of the day (Japanese beat PE and ART!!) Hurray for MFL