German versus Yoda

I think Yoda speaks in German word order! well in my head he does. I planned a lesson around this at the end of year nine when some pupils would not be continuing with German. The aim was word order, German word order that is! I started with three youtube clips of Yoda speaking in English. The class had a few tasks to do:
1. Transcribe his speech into English, I gave a gap fill.
2. Listening to the three clips, rewrite Yoda’s speeches into grammatically accurate English.
3. Create a grammar rules guide to “Yodish”
4. Evaluate the rules and creat class guide

Next step
5. Compare Yodish rules to German word order rules
6.Were there similarities? What was different?
7. Listen and work out how Yoda was dubbed in German. (There are some good blogs in this and chat rooms too)
8.Create a speech for Luke and Yoda in German or Yodish act it out rest of class, was it German or Yodish? Explain how you know
9. Plenary/reflection how has Yoda helped your German. Some very imaginative responses from the true Star Wars fans!

Tip, I let the Star Wars fans work together, their work was simply brilliant and extremely memorable! They were not all the same ability in German but this really helped with their “I have desire into the cinema to go” from then on!

Have fun x


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