Teacher well being and #teacher5aday


I am going to list my five a day.ive decided that I really need to think about my own well being. I sat in the post office today feeling rough, a bit sweaty, 45 and unfit and I looked at the motility shop…this post office is within a motility shop. There were stair lifts, scooters, commodes, walking sticks and as I sat there I thought about how terrible I had felt on the last day of term in December 2014. If I continued like that I will not make retirement age. The treadmill I am on will simply kill me. My seat in the motility post office was sobering. I have to do something to allow me to enjoy my life and to be a role model to the pupils I teach.

I have to think about my mental health, my physical health, my work life balance, in fact I probably need a good old shake up in every part of my life! I had read Martyn Reah’s fabulous posts about #teacher5aday on twitter and he has inspired me.
So here goes……
I will write my blog at least once a week and I will tweet everyday where possible
Be active
I will walk every day for thirty minutes after school
Take notice
I love taking photos, but I only seem to do this during the holidays, take my camera out with me on my walks and at the weekend, see what I can find
Keep Learning
Attend some teachmeets, I am already booked in for Solihull on 12th Feb and I am excited
A random act of kindness everyday.

I have chosen things I think are achievable and things I will enjoy. I’ll let you know how I get on. image


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