Plan to achieve

How will I achieve my #teacher5aday well being? Well, I need to plan. In my teaching, I have a goal, subject success; I turn my non linguists into speakers of a foreign language. I need to apply the same planning rules to myself.

Bell task

brainstorm issues which will crop up to stop me looking after myself.

  1. me
  2. money
  3. workload
  4. staff absence in my department ..I take on too much
  5. my inability to say no
  6. my own inate laziness


i will think about how good the random act of kindness has started to make me feel. What emotions do I link to it? Joy, love, freedom, closeness to my fellow human beings, lack of alienation, a feeling of lightness and fun, excitement to see how the person will react and what my random act will be that day.


i will now take each issue and build on what I have already achieved.

How can I capture that joy, love, excitement and build it into my daily life. How can I treasure it and myself so that, money, time and laziness are but just poor feeble excuse and not worthy of my attention.

I have a success already with my random acts and I feel energised to continue.

I am connecting very well already with twitter, now to keep up the blogging. (Although I fear I have strayed into Jane Austen speak as I have just RE read PP). I think connecting with friends, old friends and family must also enter into my connect section. I will get in touch with Kate, a former PGCE student who meant the world to me. I will write letters not just the odd text.

Reflection and Review

I am already feeling calmer at the start of term. I feel valued. I am doing to myself what I do to others in my team and my classes. I must model how to look after myself to teach those around me to value me but also to value themselves

Exit ticket

What Went Well….

positive feelings

Even Better If……


I have started my journeyimage

Cheers x


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