Teacher five a day

Now I’m about half way through, according to @martynreah so how am I doing? Well, I’ve probably had one of the toughest starts to a January term I’ve ever had. I couldn’t stop crying, had a throat infection, ear infection, can’t hear, started taking medication and consequently threw up every time I took the stuff! I was also ousted from my base in school so that all I had was a very big bag on wheels! Not ideal and I started to fall apart emotionally. I have had depression in the past and the big black dog is a constant fear. I know how to deal with it and have had practice unfortunately. So, I looked at my teacher 5 a day. Was I still connecting, well, yes I was and better than ever. I spoke to the correct people at work about my issues, kept it private but focused. I’m extended leadership so can’t really talk to many people at work when there is a problem. I told my head what the problems were and what the solutions would be and to be fair to him, he was very supportive and handled me well. It can’t have been easy. I also continued to speak to twitter colleagues who have been amazingly supportive. I also made sure I wrote in my diary and connected with myself.

The next step of my teacher 5 a day was being creative. I needed something I could do which gave me the creat creativity I needed without too much expense and too much time or concentration. I picked up my size twelve needles and used a lovely denim blue chunky wool to make a few very comforting cushions! The stress eased out of me and two beautiful cosy cushions ensued! It was a satisfying creation and boosted my self esteem which needed it at that point.

Now the health aspect was difficult. All I have eaten for a week is fat free yoghurt and a bit of orange. Strangely that is what I craved and managed to stomach. Everything else returned! I managed to stay physically active and did my allocated exercise bike routine although not quite as long as I wanted. I decided to ditch the antibiotics and decided to follow my body’s desire for fruit. I ate oranges, apples and raspberries for a week. I have lost 6 kilos and counting, so my positive slant is that I have done my January detox very successfully and now seem to have turned the corner and started to feel better.

I have loved the volunteer element of my teacher 5 a day and I have been doing a random act of kindness everyday. This has also allowed me to connect with new and interesting people who have helped me so much. I have carried shopping, pushed trolleys, given away bottles of whiskey, baked cakes for a neighbour, delivered a pile of logs to another neighbour who has no idea they were from , given many compliments to strangers and people I know and this has made me so much happier. It is possibly the most instant “happiness hit” of all! Better than any alcohol or drug I am sure!

Next steps eps for me now that I am half way through.

1.continue to prioritise myself as other definitely benefit

2.organise myself, give myself hat extra time to be fully organised

3. keep connecting. I love writing, who knew!

4. a creative project for me and others is at the heart of my well being. I am creative and denying creativity does not support my well being


I look forward to seeing how I develop this routine in my life and now a tool to implement with my pupils and colleagues.


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